Discover our Humbuckers.
All pickups are handmade, CNC wound, and hand finished.. The winding machine, with it's gravity tensioner, was conceived, designed, built and programmed in-house. It maintains tension and wire spacing very tightly, so the response of pickups can be predicted very closely before they're wound.
The result of this is that I have been able to identify how each of the aspects of the winding process affect the tone. I have had great success winding bespoke pickups for customers, based on the sound they would like, usually with a few youtube videos to help! In fact, all of my standard range of pickups are the end result of a customer request.
Choice of AlNiCo 2, AlNiCo 5 or Ceramic.
All DC resistances are approximate.
4 Wire Humbuckers
Neck Coils: 4.6 & 6.9K, Bridge Coils 4.9 & 7.3K These were a request from Zee Gachette of Z-Star fame to brighten up her archtop.
Zee uses a toggle switch to flip between single coil and humbucker, we decided an uneven humbucker would be the answer, with some real power behind it for the fiddly bits, but easily switched back to tame and sensible for the vocal parts.
These come with ceramic magnets as standard, Alnico also available at the same price.
Price: £175 for a matched set
1 Wire Humbuckers
After much investigation, this has narrowed to 3 options - all based on the Gibson PAF Humbucker. Since these were originally wound using various different types of wire, different magnets and no reliable way of measuring the amount of magnet wire used, they are all different.
Price: £155 for a matched set (all models)
For those looking for the hotter, crunchier sound of the overwound, powerful PAFs, These have a ceramic magnet, approximately 9.8K of DC resistance, wound very slightly uneven across the two coils and voiced for that chunky midrange high-output Gibson sound.
A slightly tamer pickup, with more top end frequencies and harmonics available but still with a powerful midrange and the ability to overdrive a valve amp without too much provocation! Again, wound slightly uneven and measuring approximately 9K, fitted with Alnico 5.
Down to the much more mellow, more jazzy sound you hear from the lower output PAFs, with a slightly higher resonant peak, and a huge amount of definition - maybe not a forgiving pickup but very rewarding to play, approximately 8K and with the lower gauss of the Alnico 2 magnets, there is less pull on the strings, gving you better sustain.