Single Coils
Discover our Single coils.
Single Coils
All pickups are handmade, CNC wound, and hand finished. The winding machine, with it's gravity tensioner, was conceived, designed, built and programmed in-house; it maintains tension and wire spacing very tightly, so the response of pickups can be predicted very closely before they're wound.
The result of this is that I have been able to identify how each of the aspects of the winding process affect the tone. I have had great success winding bespoke pickups for customers, based on the sound they would like, usually with a few youtube videos to help! In fact, all of my standard range of pickups are the end result of a customer request.
Choice of AlNiCo 2 or AlNiCo 5, vintage stagger or straight.
All DC resistances are approximate.
All pickups are supplied with white covers, and screws/springs unless otherwise stated.
Strat Pickups
Bridge 6.7K, Middle 5.9K, Neck 6.2K
Originally a request for a set of pickups to go in a SRV replica, these were a big hit. Slightly hotter than you might expect, but they're a fairly low capacitance winding which allows a bulkier midrange without the same level of loss at the top end. The result is a strat, but a bit more so!
Youtube video coming soon.
Recommended pots - 250K, cap - .022
Price: £135
Bridge 20K, Middle 18K, Neck 19.5K
That was kind of the brief (and what do you expect - the guitar was pink) - strat pickups that will take your face off! But they have to be usable, that was the challenge.
I ended up taming the bridge pickup with a heavily (but very precisely) scattered pattern, but leaving some serious crunch in the middle and neck.
There's no disputing it - they're loud! And will easily overdrive any valve amp, but very playable with it and roll back really sweetly with a 1M volume pot to give you a beefy strat at around 6, turning into a bit of a monster by 10. You almost need a volume pot that goes to 11
Recommended pots - 1000K, cap .047
Price: £155
Bespoke winding / re-winding
If you have a specific requirement, whether it's an unusual pickup configuration or a set of pickups for a guitar that uses non-standard pickup types, or you just can't get the sound you want, then get in touch!